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Baltic Stewardship Initiative

Working together for a healthier Baltic Sea and a circular food chain.



The Baltic Stewardship Initiative brings together actors from the entire food chain, from farmers, to the retail trade, to work together to reduce nutrient leakage to our waterways, lakes and seas and increase the circulation of plant nutrients. The initiative is financed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and is run in collaboration with LRF and Lantmännen. The Baltic Stewardship Initiative is being piloted in Sweden with the involvement of alumni from our Farmer of the Year Award competition, and with the long-term goal of involving actors in all nine countries around the Baltic Sea.


We invite companies and organizations that are part of the food chain to participate in the initiative to:

  • Collaborate with other companies and organizations that want to lead development.
  • Explore, implement and disseminate solutions that increase the competitiveness of a more Baltic Sea-friendly and circular agriculture and food chain.
  • Increase knowledge and competence in the issues.
  • Influence Government to create incentives for Baltic Sea-friendly and circular agriculture.

You contribute with your commitment

It costs nothing to join the initiative, but you contribute with your commitment, your time, your active work with the issue in your own business and by sharing progress with other participants. The initiative organizes network meetings, seminars and other activities.

Contact our partners at WWF Sweden if you want to be part of speeding up a circular food chain with minimal negative impact on the Baltic Sea, lakes and watercourses, they will be happy to tell you more!

Baltic Cow

A healthier Baltic Sea

97% of the Baltic Sea is affected by phosphorus and nitrogen leakage, of which agriculture but also our treatment plants account for a large part. Much has already been done to reduce the leakage of phosphorus and nitrogen into the Baltic Sea. There are several signs of improvement, but much remains to be done.

Read more about the Baltic Sea here.

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Last modified 23/09/20

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