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How we work

Our vision

“A healthy, diverse and resilient Baltic Sea, sustainably managed for the benefit of people and nature of the region.”

The WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme promotes a holistic and integrated approach to the conservation and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea while addressing the biggest threats facing this sensitive region, including eutrophication and overfishing. We work both on the ground and in policy arenas, combining scientific knowledge and expertise with creative innovation and political determination. In cooperation with local communities and key stakeholders—such as fishermen, farmers, local industries and markets, and other conservation groups— we work to influence consumer behaviour and manage our shared marine resources. All to save the unique life and beauty of the Baltic Sea!

Everything we do in the WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme is guided by our vision of a healthier, more diverse and resilient Baltic Sea. You are welcome to learn more about our work below and engage yourself!

Arctic tern
Integrated Oceans Management

WWF promotes an ecosystem-based integrated oceans management (IOM) approach to ensure that the well-being and needs of both nature and marine users and communities are met, without compromising the integrity and biodiversity of the marine ecosystem.

Retailers around the Baltic Sea are selling products that contribute to eutrophication


We are working to address the Baltic Sea’s eutrophication problem by promoting policy reform and more sustainable farming and land management practices.

Sustainable Fisheries

Together with fishermen, governments, regional councils and market players, WWF is working to reverse the trend by promoting more sustainable practices and educating consumers.

Eco tourism
About the Baltic
Our Brackish Sea

The Baltic Sea is the youngest sea on our planet, emerging from the retiring ice masses only some 10,000-15,000 years ago.

Read more about the Baltic

Sustainable Blue Economy
Our work
Sustainable Blue Economy

The Baltic Sea region is positioned to become the world’s first truly sustainable Blue Economy. But in order to succeed, we need to move from rhetoric to action and start using the tools available to us.

What is a Sustainable Blue Economy?

Ghost Nets Hero
Our work
Marine Litter

WWF works to remove the many tonnes of ghost nets from the Baltic and to raise awareness of the impact of plastic waste in the marine environment.

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past work

WWF has worked with all stakeholders involved to promote regulations and other solutions that will ensure a pollution and sewage-free Baltic Sea now and in the future.

Learn about the impacts

Our work
Marine Protected Areas

WWF works to ensure that Marine Protected Areas in the Baltic Sea function to protect biodiversity, that they strategic and use ecosystem-based approach.

Learn how we do this

Our work
Baltic Farmer of the Year

WWF supports farmers who are prepared to go the extra mile in order to help save the Baltic Sea. The winners of the Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award have all taken measures on their own initiative to reduce nutrient runoff to help stop eutrophication.

Get to know the winners

Meat guides
Consume Sustainably

We have worked with our partners to help develop WWF Meat guides for consumers around the Baltic, that are tailored to their national markets and local biodiversity.


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Our work
Winning measures

We have worked with farmers to identify 12 measures that stand apart, not only for their ability to effectively curb nutrient runoff, but for their environmental benefits such as biodiversity protection and climate change mitigation.


Seafood guides
Consume Sustainably

We have worked with our partners to help develop WWF Seafood guides for consumers around the Baltic, that are tailored to their national markets and local biodiversity.

Access the guides here

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Last modified 05/07/21

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