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News|11 Apr, 2011

WWF welcomes the MSC certification of the Danish Baltic Cod Fishery

Atlantic cod, Saltstraumen, Norway
Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) Saltstraumen, Bodo, Norway, October 2008

On Tuesday 5 April it was announced that the Danish Fishermens’ Producers’ Organization has succeeded in securing MSC certification for the Danish Eastern Baltic Cod fishery. This will be the first EU Cod fishery to be MSC certified and the first Baltic fishery to be MSC certified.

‘This is a win-win-win – first of all for the Cod, secondly for the fishing industry, and last but not least, for the consumer. In the last ten years we have seen the Cod fishery in the Baltic Sea on the verge of collapse as a victim of poor management, overcapacity and illegal fishing. WWF and others have been working for years, together with fisherman and policy makers, to address the needed changes which have laid the groundwork for this dramatic achievement – the first EU Cod fishery to be MSC certified. WWF congratulates the Danish Fishermens’ Producers’ Association on this achievement.’ Says, Ewa Milewska, Fisheries Consultant with WWF Poland.

The Baltic Cod management plan entered into force in 2007 and, for the first time, Ministers around the Baltic followed the ICES advice regarding the allowable annual catch for Baltic Cod. In parallel, also in 2007, all the Baltic EU member states jointly committed themselves to combatting illegal fishing, working towards a culture of compliance and improving control and enforcement.

‘As WWF has advocated for years, the traceability of fish from boat to plate, under the MSC certification process, provides assurance for fishermen and consumers that the fish on the market is legal and sustainable. WWF hopes that this is the first stock of many in the Baltic to receive MSC certification.’ Says Ottilia Thoreson, Programme Manager, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme.


The MSC’s fishery certification program and seafood ecolabel recognise and reward sustainable fishing. MSC is a global organisation working with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood.

Press release from MSC on the Baltic Cod fishery:

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