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News|14 Oct, 2021

Navigating Ocean Risk – Value at Risk in the Global Blue Economy


With trillions of dollars of investment in ocean and coastal development expected over the next decade, financial institutions have a growing interest in the ocean. At the same time, ocean related risks, such as sea level rise and coastal habitat destruction, are growing and will only be exacerbated by climate change.

According to the World Economic Forum (2020), around US$44 trillion – more than half of global GDP – is moderately or highly dependent upon nature and at risk from nature loss. Yet while impacts on some maritime sectors are already evident, especially those most reliant on natural resources, understanding the implications of nature loss continues to be a significant challenge for investors.

In this report, WWF and Metabolic further develop the Value at Risk in the Blue Economy approach created in 2019. This new model undertakes a global assessment of ocean-related risks for major ocean sectors and clearly shows that businessas-usual will increase exposure to risks. Most significantly, it highlights the value and benefit of a bluer investment strategy – one that follows a sustainable development trajectory and that ensures the health and integrity of the ocean and its natural capital. The report demonstrates that such an approach will not only pay financial dividends but will also support communities and help create a net zero nature-positive future.

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Last modified 10/03/22

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