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News|28 Apr, 2015

European Parliament votes in favour of sustainable Baltic fish stocks

The Multi-Annual Plan including all the main commercial species for the Baltic Sea is the first plan that is being developed under the reformed Common Fisheries Policy

During the Plenary Session in Luxemburg today, the European Parliament supported ambitious provisions to be included in the proposed Baltic Multi-Annual Plan. If the Parliament’s position is supported by the Council, the plan, if properly implemented, could support the achievement of main goal of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) – the sustainability of fish stocks.

“The Multi-Annual Plan for the Baltic Sea is the first plan that is being developed under the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, which means the precedent-setting nature of this plan cannot be underestimated. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that it is in line with the CFP and includes provisions that will allow its delivery of the CFP’s primary goal, which is to ensure the sustainability of the stocks,” says Piotr Predki, Marine Team Coordinator at WWF Poland.

The decision made today by members of the European Parliaments is only one step in the process. During the next step European Parliament and Council position will be discussed with the aim to find consensus. WWF hopes that sustainable management of marine resources with minimum impact of environment will remain the main pillars of the final version of the plan.

WWF urges Council to support the following points during the negotiation phase:
1. To ensure that the objectives of the plan are in line with the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy
2. To ensure that sustainable fishing exploitation rates ensure recovery of Baltic stocks
3. To ensure that conservation reference points are set in a way that ensures that fish stocks remain healthy
4. To ensure that impact of the fishery on the ecosystem is minimised.

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